We are Optimistic: COVID-19 Update from Kirt May 27, 2020

May 27, 2020

Dear Residents,

            We want to acknowledge that there is a degree of uncertainty regarding what is safe and unsafe right now. As you know restaurants, retail and other businesses are beginning to open. The weather is finally nice enough to spend more time outside. Vermont has fortunately maintained low numbers of confirmed COVID cases. Combined, all of these things have more people out and about. Some residents are choosing to do their own errands, visit with friends, attend or hold dinner parties and visit their country clubs. We appreciate your desire to re-engage with friends and family, and we want you to be safe.

            We want to remind residents that we are not out of the woods in regards to this virus and its threat to the health of seniors over 60, primarily. We cannot emphasize enough how very important it is to take the necessary precautions when you are out in public. Wearing a mask is important, but remember that the purpose of the mask is so that you do not spread germs. It does not prevent you from becoming exposed. You may want to consider wearing gloves. In addition, washing your hands is essential to prevention. Use your hand sanitizer until you can reach a sink to properly wash.

            Time will tell if we will experience a resurgence due to the opening of businesses and people’s behaviors when in public. We are anxious that people taking more liberty in their daily actions could result in bringing the virus to Equinox Village. Of course, none of us wants that. Once it is in our building, it will be extremely difficult to prevent the spread of the virus.

            All we ask is that all residents make good decisions and to continue to practice extra cautious hand washing to protect yourselves, and residents within our community who are counting on you to do so. Thank you again for staying so diligent throughout this pandemic. We know it has been long and tiring, but we are optimistic that we can keep our community healthy with your help.


Kirt Sampson, CEO