Meet the Team

Pat Ryan - Executive Director

Meet Pat, our Executive Director. Pat joined our team October 2020.

Pat grew up in the NY/NJ area, has a BS from Rutgers College and an MBA from Fairleigh Dickinson University.

She began her career working for General Electric, Black & Decker and Master Lock Co.

Marriage and skiing brought Pat to Vermont, where she entered the world of hospitality at both Killington and Stratton ski resorts. Pat’s strength is people management with an expertise in sales and marketing. Pat’s viewpoint and approach to business is practical, strategic and people oriented, which is built on her experience over a wide range of industries from consumer sales to hospitality to healthcare.

Most recently, Pat was the Vermont Regional Director for Business Development at Genesis Healthcare, which followed her position with LCB Senior Living as the Sales and Marketing Director for The Residence at Otter Creek in Middlebury, VT.

Living in Chittenden, VT with her husband, Ed, they enjoy each other’s company, outdoor activities, reading, DIY projects and spending time with friends and family.

Kylee Ryan - Associate Director

Meet Kylee, our Associate Director.

Kylee joined our team in 2010, as Activities and Wellness Coordinator, serving the residents through creating fun and enlightening programs, as well as supporting them and their families through health challenges. Her experience here at Equinox Village has provided the perfect mix of challenges and rewards.

In addition to her role at Equinox Village, Kylee is married and a mom to two active (and beautiful – yes, she is biased) kids. Add in her pursuit of a MBA with a focus on leadership and she is a busy and determined lady.

Kylee’s quest for knowledge, growth and remaining active were all reasons why she loved her previous job as a program coordinator for Champlain Valley Area Health Education Center. Educating middle and high school aged kids on the various health care professions through presentations, day and week-long programs was incredibly rewarding. Learning about various careers, infection control, observing surgeries and interacting with various medical professionals has provided a plethora of knowledge that is useful in her wellness role and support residents as they age in place.

Outside of Equinox Village, you can find Kylee doing homework, running, hiking, enjoying other fitness related activities, embarking on a couple camping trips each summer with her family and raising a glass of wine in appreciation to a blessed life! (We say CHEERS to that!)

Gary Dennis - Housekeeping Manager

​Meet Gary, our Housekeeping Manager. Gary joined us in 2015.

Within this position Gary oversees the daytime housekeepers that provide quality services to our residents by cleaning their apartment on a weekly bases, as well as the night staff that maintain security, safety and cleanliness throughout the building. Gary is never found in one place for long and is always happy to help.

He has a passion for challenges, which is seen in his extracurricular activities: backcountry skiing, training for and racing in triathlons and coaching youth sports. Besides Equinox Village, his favorite place to work was as a kids’ ski school supervisor at Stratton. For him, it was the perfect blend of silliness and seriousness with the added bonus of being able to ski.

When not at work or being physically active, Gary can be found indulging in his favorite food group – pizza.

Diane Waite - Business Manager

​Meet Diane, our Business Manager. Diane began her career at Equinox Village in 2010 as a Front Desk Attendant, later being promoted due to her business degree and dedication.

As the business manager, Diane performs the billing, accounting and human resource aspects for the business. She also oversees the Front Desk attendants who serve in a concierge-type role for the residents.

Diane treasures the relationships she has formed with residents and staff. That connection is something Diane values, particularly as it’s a unique characteristic Equinox Village is able to offer being a family-run and centered community.

Thanks to her technical skills, Diane is often called upon help staff and residents with computer and phone technical issues. She owes that knowledge to her addiction with YouTube and social media scanning.

Staying up on fashion and cosmetic trends is a not-so-secret addiction. Diane is up for shoe shopping whenever the opportunity presents itself and loves showing them off by pairing them with her chic work attire.

Kim DeMeo - Dining Room Manager

Meet Kim, our Dining Room Manager. Kim joined Equinox Village in 2016.

Kim brings a wealth of knowledge gained from her two Bachelors of Science Degrees, in Food Service Restaurant Administration and Business Economics from SUNY Oneonta.

Creating an enjoyable fine dining experience for the residents and their guests is something Kim takes pride in. The friendly, inviting and team-spirited environment at Equinox Village is carried through into the Dining Room with the server staff. The team effort is most appreciated when holding themed dinners, large events and private family parties.

Baking and cooking are what Kim likes to fill her time with, when she’s not working on her Master’s in Business Administration or when she isn’t teaching baking to students as an adjunct professor at SUNY Oneonta. Trying new recipes and experimenting with flavors from around the world round out her love for all things in a kitchen.

On top of all that, Kim enjoys spending time doing film photography and repairing antique cameras.

Ian Logan - Executive Chef

Meet Ian, our Executive Chef. Ian has overseen the menus, food ordering, meal prep and cooking since 2016.

Ian has worked in some high-end restaurants locally and regionally. One of his favorites was as a Banquet Chef at Caesars Atlantic City. Fresh out of culinary school, this was a great opportunity to learn about great food. That experience is used here in providing the residents with 5-star restaurant quality dining.

Serving the residents and getting to know them as people, as well as their food likes (and dislikes) is what Ian enjoys the most about the community at Equinox Village. In addition, the staff make this an enjoyable place to work, he says.

A couple of Ian’s specialties are Mulligatawny Soup and Butternut Squash Bisque.

When not in the kitchen, Ian enjoys reading about nutrition, spending time with his wife, golfing golf, skiing and listening to music.

Alex Hansen - Maintenance

Meet Alex, our maintenance crew!

Alex started as the maintenance assistant in 2014 and ever since he has dazzled residents with his friendly and always-willing-to- help personality.

No two days are ever the same in the maintenance world, says Ales, and he enjoys that a lot. One day he may be driving a resident to a doctor’s appointment, changing filters in the building and assisting with landscape clean up and the next he may be preparing for someone to move in by repainting or hanging pictures on the wall. He also treasures having the time for friendly, one-on-one interactions throughout the property.

Getting to know people’s history, as well as their needs is important to Alex and it just happens to fit well with his previous job and hobbies – working for an auction house. Those unique pieces and the stories behind them were always fascinating.

Outside of work, Alex is all about fitness and activity – rarely is he sitting still. Going to the gym, training others, playing basketball, hiking, kayaking or enjoying any other outside activity is where you’ll find Alex.

Kara Waite - Activities & Event Coordinator

Meet Kara, the Activities & Events Coordinator.

Kara began working for Equinox Village as a Front Desk Attendant in 2018. She was promoted to her current position due to her creativity and connection with the interests, among other things.

One of her previous jobs was as a Sales Executive for a local hotel. She enjoyed that role because of the interaction with people on tours and in wedding parties.

Creating activity and the connection with others is a motivator for Kara. It may surprise some that outside of work Kara is a farmer, enjoying everything about farm life from the daily chores to gardening to fixing barn roofs to caring for the animals.

Kara particularly enjoys being a mom and wife.