Social Distancing Update from Kirt: April 24, 2020

Dear Residents and Family Members,

The Office of Governor Phil Scott on Friday 4/24/20 emphasized the need for continued – and even expanded – vigilance as the state implements its restart strategy, saying, “Restarting the economy requires each of us to take a lot of personal responsibility. Each and every one of us has to do our part to help prevent the spread and protect the vulnerable by adhering to all of the social distancing and public health guidance.”

As we enter the second month of Coronavirus shutdowns and restrictions, we hear about growing unrest all across the country. Such feelings are understandable and even present within our own Equinox Village community. For the most part, we are a very social community. Many residents enjoy playing Mah Jong, Bridge, exercising, or simply visiting with one another. Everyone understands the necessity to bear with it, and the danger that exists if we don’t, yet maintaining this isolation is truly wearing on most, if not all of us.

Family and friends, please continue to reach out to your loved ones. Reassure them the guidelines have been created for their safety and the safety of others. A COVID diagnosis, or spread within our community would be much more difficult to withstand than more temporary isolation. Let your loved ones know you love them and are in this with them, even if from afar.

As Mother’s Day approaches, if you are looking for a special gift to send to a loved one, click here to take a look at our new “Our Neighborhood” web page under SERVICES & AMENITIES. We have created a Business Resource Page that contains some local businesses that are open and working very well with us to provide delivery or shipping of items to residents for everyone’s safety and convenience. We selected some of the favorites of the community, so you can be assured we recommend each as reliable quality.

Lastly, for our residents. We deeply care about you and your well-being. We know how hard this is as we all navigate through these challenging times. Thank you for being so vigilant with social distancing and isolation. It is working! Please continue what you are doing. We encourage you to keep walking and getting fresh air when our unpredictable Vermont Spring weather allows it. Maybe even peruse the web to partake in virtual tours of destinations you’ve never traveled – both near and far. Here is a link to a virtual tour of some interesting things to do that are located right here in your home state!

Stay Strong. We are all in this together and together we will get through this.


Kirt Sampson, CEO

Equinox Village