Be well.

Equinox Village believes in residents maintaining their health and remaining independent for as long as possible.

Using the community’s wellness amenities, programs, and services is the perfect way to enjoy good health and have fun.

Wellness amenities include:

  • Fitness Center featuring a treadmill, stationary bike, recumbent elliptical trainer, rowing machine, flat screen television, audio equipment, and remote video monitoring
  • Exercise Room for scheduled fitness classes
  • Swim Spa with variable settings
  • Indoor and outdoor walking
  • Massage Suite and staff massage therapist and acupuncturist
  • Beauty Salon and staff cosmetologist

Wellness programs include:

  • Scheduled fitness classes, including Chair Yoga, Get Balanced, Stretch & Strength and Tai Chi
  • Regular foot clinics
  • Health-related workshops and seminars
  • One-on-one consultations
  • Lifeline and File of Life services

The staff wellness coordinator is available to consult with residents and their families and to coordinate the use of local health services when necessary. Services include community healthcare professionals, excellent home healthcare providers, regional hospitals and rehabilitation facilities.

As always, customization is an important part of the Equinox Village philosophy. The wellness coordinator listens to residents’ needs and contributes to residents’ health-related goals.

Meet the Equinox Village Wellness Practitioners