Photography Exhibit by Matthew Lerman

Local photographer Matthew Lerman will be exhibiting his Painting Nature with Photography from June 25th to August 17th in a private, resident-only exhibit at Equinox Village.

Matthew’s photography attempts to portray a bit of the natural beauty in our environment — so that others may be inspired to love the land and appreciate the importance of preserving the health of our biosphere.  Moreover, he loves showing the attractive side of life—making a rusty Mack Truck look cool or resurrecting a dying leaf as a beacon of everlasting beauty.

Matthew Lerman is a photographer with a strong and focused mission: to teach the viewer, through his or her visual sense, to see the myriad of intricate connections within the biosphere, and, thus, to love and protect the natural wonders of our land. Matthew Paul Lerman — author and former professor of biology, marine ecology, and oceanography – is now a full-time photographer.  He has dedicated his life to exploring nature and helping others see the beauty and splendor surrounding us.

To view of Matthew’s work, please visit his website at