Gov. Scott Says the Wildfires of COVID-19 Still Rage

Looking across the country, we continue to see a forest fire of COVID-19 spreading in the south and west and things could shift back towards us. We have to keep our guard up, because Vermonters want to move forward, not backward. We now have the lowest number of cases in the nation… our trends in Vermont have held pretty steady. And while, as expected, we’ve seen more cases as we’ve methodically opened back up…

URGENT COVID-19 Update July 14, 2020

Today, Manchester Medical Center reported, that over the past 72 hours, they have had 42 positive cases and likely 30+ false negative tests (meaning folks may be contagious, but the test doesn’t detect it). This does not indicate what towns or states these people are from. Furthermore, the VT Dept of Health told the Manchester Medical Center that their COVID cases would not be counted in the VT state/county numbers, which is why you are not seeing a change on their website.