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Ken Ahlering & Betty Hahn

June 2021 Newsletter

A Message from Pat Ryan, Executive Director

I was my Father’s Favorite….

I had two brother’s and a sister, but something told me I was my father’s favorite. I didn’t appreciate it when I was very young, but as I grew-up, I understood the connection we had with each other. He was the one who told me I could be anything I wanted to be, never discouraging any crazy dreams I had. My father grew up during the depression, that explains some things to me. If we were eating dinner and left some ketchup on the plate, he would say that’s how Mr. Heinz got rich!  We used to tease him and say he was a cheapskate, but I think he was just trying to spend money where it was needed. He was the oldest son of three brothers, whom were all in the service during WWII. My father was in one of the flamethrower tanks on Iwo Jima. WOW.  I am incredible lucky to have the life I do because of my father; his name was John. Happy Father’s Day!…

Let's Pop the Cork on Spring

A Message from Pat Ryan, Executive Director

May 2021
Everything looks and feels so fresh and new. The grass that resembled hay is turning a lush green and the bare trees are displaying their new buds. If I look hard enough, I can see the perennials in my garden grow. Really! I raked out the leaves last weekend and they are already 6 inches in height. Everyone is outside walking, exchanging their apparel from winter to spring styles. This past weekend, I had a conversation about going through your wardrobe and looking for a new home for clothes that are still in great shape. The local Good Will centers are going to be booming very shortly with some nice merchandise. Another dilemma this spring, is going to be “what to wear” with our new Covid-19 waistlines, but that’s a whole different conversation we can table for now! ….

April 2021 Newsletter

A Message from Pat Ryan, Executive Director

April 2021
It’s the tangible items people spend time packing prior to a move, like their favorite furnishings, clothing, and household decorations. Then the moving truck arrives signaling a whirlwind of activity, by staff and other residents alike, to get our new resident settled into their home. The best part is that with all this “stuff” comes their experiences, memories, and talents, making each person an interesting gift to our community as they unpack themselves. Everyone being different, some residents we get to know quickly, while others may take more time…

March 2021 Newsletter

New Year's Resolution

A Message from Pat Ryan, Executive Director

March 2021
Every year, I really like the moment when I notice that the days are getting longer. It always catches me off guard, and I smile because I know it’s time to come out of hibernation. I stop wearing my mittens and leave my scarf at home. I have an urge to open the windows, take a long walk and buy some flowers. Simple things that I know will make me happy. When I hear people talk about mindfulness and living in the moment, I think, I never do that. Then again maybe I do….

February 2021 Newsletter

A Message from Pat Ryan, Executive Director

February 2021
Winter can be a drab, lonely time or it can be magical and poetic. It’s a point of view. I want to share with you a gift-of-thought from a friend who spent his life as a police chief and when he retired became the poet he always wanted to be. Please enjoy it. ….

New Year's Resolutions

A Message from Pat Ryan, Executive Director

January 2021

I resolve to leave 2020 behind me and look forward to getting back to normal in 2021.

All the rules and regulations and all the “don’ts” and “must-dos” surrounding COVID have been a bit overwhelming. Instead, let’s focus on the easy stuff like resolutions. Whether we carry them out or not, they help us reflect on what would make us happy. …