Meet Kylee, our Associate Director. Kylee joined our team in 2010, as Activities and Wellness Coordinator, serving the residents through creating fun and enlightening programs, as well as supporting them and their families through health challenges. Her experience here at Equinox Village has provided the perfect mix of challenges and rewards. In addition to her role at Equinox Village, Kylee is married and a mom to two active (and beautiful – yes, she is biased) kids. Add in her pursuit of a MBA with a focus on leadership and she is a busy and determined lady. This quest for knowledge, growth and remaining active were all reasons why she loved her previous job as a program coordinator for Champlain Valley Area Health Education Center. Educating middle and high school aged kids on the various health care professions through presentations, day and week-long programs was incredibly rewarding. Learning about various careers, infection control, observing surgeries and interacting with various medical professionals has brought a plethora of knowledge that is useful in her wellness role and support residents as they age in place. Outside Equinox Village, you can find Kylee doing homework, running, hiking, enjoying other fitness related activities, embarking on a couple camping trips each summer with her family and raising a glass of wine in appreciation to a blessed life!