Kirt Announces Retirement

Kirt Sampson, Executive Director and CEO of Equinox Village in Manchester Center, Vermont has announced his retirement, to be effective October 15, 2020.

Kirt, with a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Franklin Pearce University and a master’s degree in health care administration from the University of Colorado, has been at the helm of Equinox Village for the past 11 years. Hailing from a distinguished background in long-term care, primarily in the nursing home sector, he spent 29 years at McKerley Health Care, starting in 1967. Kirt subsequently relocated to Vermont in 1998 where he earned his Vermont Nursing Home License. This landed him as the Administrator of St. Johnsbury Health and Rehabilitation Center, a position he held for the next 9 years. Kirt’s service to his communities was appreciated in his role as President of the Vermont Health Care Association, a position he held for 10 years until his resignation last November.

Kirt reflected on his tenure, saying, “It has been a very rewarding 11 years working with the Russell family and building so many wonderful relationships within the community. Protecting everyone during this pandemic has been an enormous challenge – probably the greatest challenge of my entire career. I am so pleased to see how well my team and our residents have worked together in keeping it at bay and out of our community. I am very proud of that fact.”

Equinox Village owners, Jim and John Russell said this about Kirt’s upcoming retirement: “Over the years Kirt has never failed to impress us with his considerable problem solving and management skills.  So much so, that we made him a partner in our family owned business.  It never ceased to amaze us that with every new problem or management issue we encountered, Kirt would always tell a humorous story about how he managed a similar situation in one of his previous places of employment.  With his considerable depth of experience and ability to recall the important teaching points, he would masterfully guide us through some of the most challenging situations. The Manchester community and the residents and staff of Equinox Village have been very fortunate to have had Kirt at the helm for these eleven years.   It has been a pleasure and honor to work with Kirt and we will seriously miss his talent, humor, evenhandedness and compassion for his work. We wish him all the best in the next phase of his incredibly accomplished life.  He has certainly earned his stripes.”

The organization is now conducting a search for Kirt’s successor.