June 11, 2020 COVID-19 Update from Kirt

Dear Equinox Village Residents,

We are very optimistic that we are seeing great progress in Vermont with controlling the cases of COVID-19. The extraordinary, early and ongoing measures we have all taken have proven to be quite effective in keeping us one of the most effective populations in the nation.

Winooski made the news this week with a whopping 62 cases that have all been traced to a family gathering of just 10 people! Thirty-eight of these confirmed cases were from Chittenden County, according to health department data. Dr. Levine added that 38 of the cases linked to the outbreak are adults, meaning that 24 cases are children. The median age of the outbreak is 21, with the oldest person 64. He said there were no hospitalizations so far.

This map from Johns Hopkins was published on June 3rd. It will change once the June 8th information on Winooski is added next week. It shows we are holding steady, as is NH. We are however, surrounded by states that have begun reducing restrictions, meaning we expect large influxes of people eager to escape their environments in favor of our ‘low risk’ state.

Our campgrounds have begun opening up, as have inns, hotels and even restaurants can now have indoor dining. While this is all very good news, we want to be sure all our residents realize that these visitors (whom we welcome with open arms every year) are visiting from areas with very high incidences of infection. This also means people will be carrying the virus unknowingly.

We cannot emphasize enough that we are concerned for the health of our residents, as we know you are too. Please continue abiding by the guidelines set forth for covering mouths and washing hands while avoiding any contact you can. As well, our current visitor policy still stands, which includes allowing only those that are absolutely necessary into the building.

We encourage patience as we evaluate what the re-opening and influx of visitors means for our area in terms of the virus spreading in our local communities. This is what we are waiting on before we lift any of the current restrictions. We really don’t want to see it grab any kind of foothold here at Equinox Village.

Thank you again for your continued vigilance. All our residents appreciate your efforts!


Kirt Sampson, CEO