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Beth Murphy Botanicals

January 20 – February 14, 2022

Gallery Opening: 5 – 6 p.m.

Thursday, January 20th

Nature provides us with an ever-changing field of artistic inspiration. Within this, I think of myself of as a medium through which Nature’s materials move. The process begins with the experience when outside and alive, in gardens and on hikes. Then a slight intervention -picking, pressing- and these materials have begun their transformation. Creating with the botanical colors, textures and shapes is similar to working with pieces of an intricately designed puzzle. Each has its place in the overall view, and with time, attention and creativity, its best fit is established.Focusing on materials found in nature, Ms. Murphy transports botanical art into a sophisticated perspective. Through carefully composed designs that respond to the natural tones, colors and textures in leaves, petals, stems and grasses, the artist transcends traditional approaches to pressed flower art. Ms. Murphy’s work offers viewers a variety of experiences including abstract, kaleidoscopic, landscape and geometric. Oftentimes mistaken for watercolors, these collages maintain the natural beauty of the botanical materials. Color and texture are retained through a deliberate process of pressing and storing natural growths. To further retain color, the artist completes all designs with a multistep sealing technique. At times printed papers and paint are added to the collage, yet no colors are used on the botanical materials. For more information, visit www.bethmurphybotanicals.com.

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