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May Gallery Exhibit

Featuring Scrap Metal & Knotwork Creations

by Tim & Pamela Taggart

May 19 – June 13

Gallery Opening
5 – 6 p.m.
May 19th

Tim is a retired Wildland Firefighter, born and raised in Brownsville, Vermont. With his creative mind and skill from welding, Tim began to create his art from salvage materials and found objects. His work is designed to emphasize resourcefulness and encourage viewer engagement. Together Tim and Pam search for scrap metal at local flea markets, thrift stores and yard sales. Tim uses anything and everything he can lay his hands on for example: auto parts, cycle components, sprockets, gears, old tools, horseshoes and metal scrap. His artistic gift is what gives a new lease of life to metals found.

A few years ago Pam decided to start up the macrame creations, knowing that it would be something of interest and a fun hobby throughout the retirement days to come. To keep with the scavenger art objective of using upcycled materials, Pam uses recycled cotton cord for her macrame creations, as well as driftwood, tree branches and sea glass.

In February of 2020, they came up with the name of ‘Scavenger Art Creations’. The metal art created is rustic, not polished or painted. “We want to create metal art pieces that are in their original, somewhat rusty appearance to give it a unique look, and also make it affordable for others to enjoy.”  After retiring in September 2021 as a teacher assisting at-risk middle and high school students; Pam created the name ‘Knotwork Creations’ for her macrame work. Pam and Tim both have been selling their creations over the past two years at Marketplaces and have shipped throughout the United States, creating custom orders at times, while living in Idaho.

Recently, Tim and Pam bought a home in upstate New York, in the town of Cambridge. The goal is to continue creating metal art and macrame in order to inspire others to appreciate the simple, neglected items from which our creations are formed. For more photos visit facebook.com/scavengerartcreations

June Gallery Exhibit

Featuring works by Muffy Kashkin Grollier

Author, Artist & Dollmaker 

June 16 – July 17, 2022

Gallery Opening
5 – 6 p.m.
June 16th

Muffy has been an artist all her life. She began oil panting around age two.

“My mother would lie down on her bed with me at nap time. Often, I would sit and babble while my mother napped. One day as my mother slept, I explored her nightstand. To my delight I found a tube of black paint. I painted the bed, the pillows, and blankets and of course, my mother! 

My mother was a talented artist and my most supportive mentor and teacher.” – Muffy KG

After attending the University of Hartford Art School and Massachusetts College of Art, Muffy Continued her artistic studies independently. She has taken classes and workshops with a variety of artists to study felting, pastels, watercolors, doll-making and mixed media art. Incorporating different techniques and materials, she experiments to achieve different effects.

Over ten years ago, Muffy began felting three-dimensional characters. She then evolved to two-dimensional artwork, discovering the joys of “painting with wool”. The techniques she learned with watercolor and pastel made her paintings come to life, adding character to the animals and depth to her colors.

Photographing flowers, trees and animals, each piece is created using her own images for reference. One painting can take weeks to make as Muffy felts inspiration into every piece primarily using a single felting needle. “To create art from the wool fibers of an animal with a little barbed needle is magical”. – Muffy KG

Muffy is a contributor in the book “Worldwide Colours of Felt”, by Ellen Bakker

“I like the textural feel of fiber; it’s like the living spirit of the sheep is in the fiber and helps to bring the painting alive. Similar to pastels, you layer color over color so that when you needle them in, the color underneath enriches the color on top. It is a length process, almost like meditation when I am working on a piece.” – Muffy KG

Muffy is the author of “Gregory, Gregory Hates His Food”, a children’s book she illustrated in felt. This delightful story will take you through Gregory’s dislike of a variety of food until the day he decides to eat.

Muffy’s mother was an avid collector of dolls. “I couldn’t afford to buy dolls, so I started making them.” Muffy began making apple-head dolls and was known internationally for her unique dolls. She was featured in “Crafts of America” by Constance Stapleton: A Guide to the Finest Traditional Crafts Made in the United StatesBecause of the impermanence of the apple faces Muffy changed to clays and needle felting. She enjoys making fantasy characters and healing art dolls.

Muffy continues to play with a variety of mediums but specializes in needle felting.

Muffy lives in Vermont with her husband, a French chef, two Golden Retrievers, a cat, geese and chickens. They have a large old farmhouse, with vegetable, herb, and flower gardens.