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  • Peggy Brogan Reflecting Pool Painting
  • Piggie
  • Pat Musick Artist painting The Shape of Her Words

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Brant Gordon

August 19 – September 13


Brant Gordon Biography

Brant Gordon is a Los Angeles based artist, raised in New Jersey and Vermont, and trained as an architect and artist, who paints what he sees. Always based in reality, Brant creates images that exist somewhere between abstraction and figuration and his work is a result of direct observation of the surrounding world. His paintings take people, landscapes, plants, flowers, shadows, and all kinds of everyday objects that, through the process of further observation, the play of colors and forms, and applying liquid paint to a canvas, become increasingly abstract. The resulting compositions challenge the viewer to re-exam the world that we so often take for granted, inviting them to take in the miracle of our existence, seeing and appreciating the beauty of the world that surrounds us every day.

Brant’s work has been exhibited in galleries throughout the U.S. including Los Angeles, Palm Desert, Palo Alto, St. Louis, Cincinnati, Baltimore, and now Vermont!

Stacy Gertis

September 16 – October 18, 2021

Stacy Gertis Biography

Stacy grew up in the rural farming town of Pawlet, Vermont. Showing interest in art at a young age, she took classes at the Southern Vermont Arts Center and another taught by the well-known artist Peter Huntoon in Rutland, Vermont. She developed a passion for art throughout her life and tested many different mediums, but charcoal was by far her favorite. Stacy is a graduate of Castleton University and holds a BA in Art with minors in Art History and Graphic Design. She has donated prints of her artwork to local churches for fundraisers and various auctions.