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Stacy Gertis

September 16 – October 18, 2021

Stacy Gertis Biography

Stacy grew up in the rural farming town of Pawlet, Vermont. Showing interest in art at a young age, she took classes at the Southern Vermont Arts Center and another taught by the well-known artist Peter Huntoon in Rutland, Vermont. She developed a passion for art throughout her life and tested many different mediums, but charcoal was by far her favorite. Stacy is a graduate of Castleton University and holds a BA in Art with minors in Art History and Graphic Design. She has donated prints of her artwork to local churches for fundraisers and various auctions.

Ken Ahlering

October 21 – November 15, 2021

Ken Ahlering Biography

I’m Ken Ahlering and I paint realistic Images of America in oil. Mostly self-taught, I have been painting for over 60 years. Early on, I became interested in fine art, always attracted to realistic drawings and oil paintings.  I never seemed to figure out what the ‘new’ fads were all about, but respected the Old Masters with their long tradition of knowledge, skills and effort.  Their beautiful use of color, composition and light were what I wanted to emulate.  I looked at paintings by the Dutch Landscape artists, the Hudson River School, American Western Artists and the like for inspiration.  Several neighbors, early teachers, and other influencers, names long since forgotten, exposed me to the beauty of these works of art.  I would never tire of looking at the great paintings of our past masters, American and European alike, but especially American.

I was given a set of oil paints at an early age by my cousin, Vivian, who thought perhaps that I could make better use of them.  My first attempts; a Chevrolet auto, a local church and a portrait of an old man are long gone, but I can still picture them and remember the struggles to produce them.

As things worked out, my interest in art had to take a backseat to the realities of everyday life.  However, behind it all, there remained a love of fine art, fine paintings and the beauty of our American scene.  From time to time, I would take a night course in painting and try to sharpen my skills.  Some teachers were helpful, some not, but I kept trying.  I made paintings for gifts, and for my own personal pleasure.  In the last 10-15 years however, I have found much more time to paint and have made a new beginning.  When my pal Betty helped me discover that people were willing to pay for my paintings, I got a new sense of satisfaction that is hard to describe.  Lately, my life has become somewhat like a reality TV show. The type with the never-ending deadlines and happy tension.  Art shows, commissions, gallery demands and seasonal changes all keep me hopping.

I really enjoy meeting the interesting people who love realistic fine arts, other fine artists, collectors and Gallery owners.  I am thrilled by the fact that I am learning all the time, with every painting. I want to improve on my style…painterly as I call it.  Each painting reflects my feelings, or what I prefer to be feeling:  peaceful, serene and American.  It is easy to see my successes and failures in my realistic style and you know if I made a mistake no sloppy ‘impressionistic’ work for me.  I try to portray images that remind people of a place and time they can remember.  I want my paintings to quiet a room, start a conversation and become family treasures for the future.  Sort of ‘Oh this painting always hung in grandma’s house’ and perhaps create a friendly tussle over ownership.  I specialize in American landscapes, seascapes, especially the Jersey shore and skyscapes of my favorite ski areas in Vermont.

My paintings are scattering around the country, overseas and recently the State Department commissioned a painting for the embassy in Uzbekistan.  I am a member of the Art at the Embassies program of the US State department, The Southern Vermont Art Center in Manchester, Vermont, The American Society of Marine Artists, and Oil Painters of America.  I guess my art is not silly enough to win jury awards, but I have won the important and satisfying ones like ‘people’s choice’.  Most recently, I have a series of seven paintings on display loaned to Senator B. Sanders for his Washington D.C. office.