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Welcomes Matthew Lerman

Wednesday, July 14 – August 16

Matthew’s most deliciously awesome and adorable photographs will be displayed starting on Wed., July 14 with an opening reception from 5 to 6 p.m. at Equinox Village.

This is a very special exhibit featuring Matthew’s dazzling digital images depicting the biology/natural beauty in our environment.  He will be exhibiting several images printed on aluminum.  The aluminum substrate gives the pictures an incredible life-like modern  quality.

Matthew Lerman, author and former professor of biology, marine ecology, and oceanography -has now turned full-time photographer. Matthew has dedicated his life to exploring nature and helping others see the beauty and splendor surrounding us.

Matthew (almost) was born with a camera in hand.   Mom and dad encouraged him to take family photos using a box-shaped Kodak point and shoot camera equipped with large and cumbersome magnesium wire-filled flash bulbs.   Early on Matthew realized that beyond those family snap shots existed an awesome and breathtaking natural world. A world filled with wonders infinitely more powerful than family portraits.  This realization began to focus and crystallize the young photographer’s vision onto the natural world and before too long, voilà; a photographer-naturalist-biology professor was created.

Matthew’s dad had built a photographic darkroom in the basement of their home, and taught Matthew how to develop and print black/white images.  The first image he developed was an x ray of his foot showing a fractured toe.  Photographing life became a vital part of his life  !   He delights in exposing the delicate, almost hidden beauty our world.  Matthew’s photography attempts to portray a bit of the natural beauty in our environment —so that others may be inspired to love the land and appreciate the importance of preserving the health of our biosphere.  Moreover, he loves showing the attractive side of life—making a rusty Mack Truck look cool or resurrecting a dying leaf as a beacon of everlasting beauty.