FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to our most commonly asked questions. If you don’t find what you’re looking for here, just give us a call at 802-362-4061 and we’ll be happy to help!

How many apartment homes are located within Equinox Village?

Equinox Village is a small community. It includes 56 apartments, all contained within one building. Apartments can be single or double occupancy. We have room for a total of 112 residents.

Who owns the community?
The community is privately owned by a local family. Equinox Village was founded in 2006 by brothers Mr. John and Dr. Jim Russell. In January 2012, CEO Kirt Sampson was made a partner.  In 2017 John Russell III came on board as his father retired. The Russell family has been doing business in Vermont for more than a half century.
Who manages Equinox Village?

The community is managed by Executive Director, Pat Ryan. Pat’s viewpoint and approach to business is practical, strategic and people oriented, which is built on her experience over a wide range of industries from consumer sales to hospitality to healthcare. Living in Chittenden, VT with her husband, Ed, they enjoy each other’s company, outdoor activities, reading, DIY projects and spending time with friends and family. At Equinox Village, she leads a team of caring professionals to provide excellent quality, friendly and personalized service.

Do residents own or rent their homes in the community?
Neither. Equinox Village is a for-profit independent living community that allows residents to live in a maintenance-free, service-rich environment… Residents buy the right to live at Equinox Village through an entrance fee structure that involves the entrance fee and a rate of return when the resident vacates the apartment.
What does it cost to buy-in to Equinox Village?
The entry fee is dependent upon the individual features of each apartment including views, apartment amenities and other such appointments, much like in the traditional real estate market. The entry fee ranges from under $200,000 to over $300,000. We establish a percentage rate of return for each apartment upon move-in which does not change during your residency.
How much are the monthly maintenance fees?
The monthly maintenance fees in 2020 range from $3180 to $3540 per month depending on the apartment size. A second person is an additional $850 per month.
Do the monthly fees ever change?
The maintenance fee increases approximately 3-5% each year, and only once annually.  This is competitive rate to other retirement communities, and is set by the owners. 


Is there any financial evaluation for entry?
No.  We respect your privacy and believe your financial wellness is your business. We trust that you will commit to an apartment home at Equinox Village only if you can afford to do so. We advise that you review the costs with your family or financial advisor, so that you are comfortable making this decision.
What are the apartments like?
Each apartment has 9-foot ceilings and between 1,100 and 1,400 square feet. They have walk-in closets, one or two bedrooms, and 1 ½ or 2 full baths, a full kitchen and a laundry room. Each apartment has full-sized Energy Star rated appliances, including a dishwasher and a laundry room with washer and dryer. Some first floor apartments have walk-out patios. All apartments are completely customizable based on resident’s personal tastes.
What services are included?
There are many: fine dining daily, activities programming, wellness programming and support, concierge services, weekly housekeeping, lawn maintenance and snow removal, home repairs, basic cable TV, taxes, fuel/heat and air conditioning, a Lifeline Emergency Response System and transportation.
What amenities are included at Equinox Village?
Well-appointed common areas, featuring a flat-screen television, fireplace, and mini mahogany lockers; three dining venues, including a white-tablecloth restaurant, private dining room, and outdoor dining area; activities venues, including an art gallery, lecture room, library, woodshop, community vegetable garden, and art studio; wellness facilities, including an exercise room for daily exercise classes, an equipment-filled fitness center, a swim spa, a hair salon, a massage/acupuncture studio, and an outdoor walking trail; and transportation amenities like a handicapped-accessible van.
I am pretty social. What social opportunities exist?
Book club, bridge clubs, educational lectures, on-site art exhibits, on-site musical performances, Mah Jong and other board game related clubs or activities, movie night, tea socials, resident council, painting classes, museum trips, trips to music and theater performances (including the ballet), seasonal gatherings, and shopping trips. Our activities coordinator schedules many events at residents’ request.
What levels of care are provided?
 Equinox Village is an independent living community. The community’s staff performs no personal care or medical tasks for residents. However, we believe in aging in place. Once this is your home you never need to leave. We have several contacts with local companies that provide personal care and medical care in residents’ homes as needed. If care is needed in one’s home, the Wellness Coordinator will assist with bringing in appropriate care to fit the resident’s needs. One-on-one assistance can be provided within your home at Equinox Village, often for less than you’d pay elsewhere.
Is there any medical qualification?
Everyone who enters must be able to meet all of their own personal care needs. Beyond that condition, one’s personal health information is their own business.
Are pets welcome?
Equinox Village  allows residents to keep pets provided that the pets are in compliance with all state and local laws and regulations, are properly cared for and maintained, and do not become a nuisance to other residents.
Can I bring my car?
Sure! We have a secure, temperature controlled parking garage in addition to outdoor parking. Please inquire about costs and availability.
What transportation is provided?
Equinox Village’s transportation team provides rides to scheduled events free of charge. Personal transportation is available for medical appointments and other errands three days a week for a nominal fee. For long distance trips, such as transportation to the airport, train station or another location we can provide recommendations for local, trusted individuals for your convenience.
Is Equinox Village related to Equinox Terrace?
Equinox Village is an independent living community and is a completely separate entity. The two communities are not related. Once you are an Equinox Village resident you do not have to leave to get care should you need it in subsequent years. You can arrange to have your assistance provided within your own home here.
Does Equinox Village have a swimming pool?
We do not have a large swimming pool, but we do have a comfortable heated swim spa. You can swim against the current, do resistance training and stretching in it and also use it as a jacuzzi with the jets. If a true swimming pool is wanted, you can pay a membership fee at a few local places to access their pool and other fitness/spa amenities. There is the Equinox Resort and Spa, the Bennington Recreation Center and the Manchester Recreation Center in the local area.
Do you have a rental apartment for resident guests?
We do not have an apartment for resident guests to stay in. If there is no room in your apartment for visitors, we recommend one of the lovely hotels in town. The Hampton Inn & Suites offers a discount to Equinox Village residents and their guests.
Do you have a trial stay apartment?
Occasionally we may have a ‘trial stay’ apartment for people seriously interested in the Equinox Village experience. If you are interested in spending a night or two at our community, please speak to our Sales Manager.
Can I have family or guests come to dinner?
Yes! We welcome and encourage having  family and friends join you for dinner. We ask that you make reservations in advance with our front desk attendant for when you plan to have guests join you. The cost of guests’ meals will be included on your monthly bill. Our Dining Room Manager can also help you with a private dinner party, if that’s what you would like. You can reserve the Private Dining Room and host the party while we take care of the details, as well as serving the meal.
Do you serve breakfast?
We do not serve breakfast. We serve lunch (12 – 1:30 p.m.) and dinner (5:30 – 7:30 p.m.) every day, except for Sunday. On Sunday we have a beautiful brunch served from 11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. At 3 p.m. on Sundays, we offer complimentary soup to take back to your apartment. All apartments have full kitchens, so residents can prepare additional meals as they like.
Is room service, take-out or outdoor dining available?
You can dine where you choose. You can order lunch, dinner and brunch to-go and pick it up near the front desk to bring back to your apartment. You can also order your meal to be delivered. There is a $3 charge for delivery. In the warmer months, we serve lunch on our garden patio. You can also take your dinner to-go and bring it out to the garden patio for a more casual dinner.
What if I’m ill and can’t get to the Dining Room?
We are happy to provide complimentary meal delivery if someone has a contagious illness.  For the benefit of all our residents, we take as many precautions as possible  throughout the community to prevent the spread of illness.
Do you serve alcohol?
Although we do not serve alcohol, residents are welcome to bring their own alcooholic beverages to dinner or brunch. We have liquor cabinets conveniently located in the Parlor which can be assigned to you for storage of meal beverages of your choice. With our lockers, you can store anything you may want without having to make a trip back to your apartment. We also have monthly Gallery Openings and Pub Nights on special occasions where alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages are available.
Is there a dress code in the Dining Room or the rest of the building?
The Resident Council has set a dress code for the Dining Room which requests that residents, family and guests dress appropriately in the dining rooms, patio, and for events in the common areas. Hats, tee shirts, tank tops, and short shorts/skirts are not permitted in the dining room. Bedroom attire is not permitted in any of the public area. These guidelines demonstrate management’s and resident’s concern for the overall appearance of Equinox Village.
What is Resident Council?
This is a group of residents that have been voted into this group by their peers. They meet once a month with the CEO to share concerns and suggestions for different things in the building. Residents should feel they can go to a Council member to share their thoughts so that they are passed along at this meeting. (Of course, the staff and the CEO are open to suggestions and concerns at all times.) The CEO takes the feedback and makes what changes are in the best interest of everyone. He reports about what has been done during the monthly meeting for residents and all staff managers, called “Meet w/Kirt”.
Is there on-site security in the building?
Residents can feel secure to come and go as they please here, as we have staff in the building 24-hours a day. We also have security cameras strategically located throughout the building, and access-controlled entryways.
What is the difference between Independent Living and Assisted Living?
Independent Living at Equinox Village means we have a large retirement community with independent apartments and communal spaces. Independent Living means that the community/facility is not licensed to provide medical care or services. Our residents can certainly contract directly with outside agencies of thier choice for whatever care is needed. 

Assisted living is a community/facility that provides licensed care, like nursing on staff. These facilities are for individuals that choose not to, or cannot live independently. Some may have separate wings designated for dementia, Alzheimers and other such illnesses requiring special care.

A continuing care community has a nursing facility, assisted living and independent living all within their grounds. Individuals would be moved along to each facility dependent upon the physical needs.

If you are enjoying your independence, you would typically be paying for more services than you actually need when you are not living in an independent living community.