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The Difference

Family Ownership. That is the difference between a privately owned and operated retirement community – and one owned by a mega-corporation.

Equinox Village is not just one of many, but the one and only.

Our History

Equinox Village was a business pursuit that came about by happenstance in 2006.

Brothers John Russell II and Dr. James Russell became partners in the pursuit of creating a community where retirees could embrace their retirement years and pursue their passions and interests. The brothers set out to build a structure that would be representative of the local community and committing to Vermont values that include the importance of family, honesty, integrity and honoring the role that each person plays.

In 2018, John Russell II passed and his son, John Russell III, began working in partnership with his uncle, Dr. Jim Russell in managing the Equinox Village community.

Hands-on Leadership

It is not uncommon to see John Russell III or Dr. Jim Russell walking the grounds and common areas while inspecting the quality of work being done. They do it because they care. They expect to provide the best for those that live here, so they play a key part in the quality of the physical community as well as the programs, activities and events.

Weekly Meetings

The senior leadership team consists of the two partners along with Pat Ryan (Executive Director) and Kylee Ryan (Associate Executive Director).

The partners enjoy being involved in the happenings and sharing valuable insight and resources that add to the vitality of Equinox Village.