COVID-19 Update from Kirt June 1, 2020

Dear Resident,

We value how active our residents are. It’s one of the great things about our community.  With that said, the more active each of us becomes in the outside community, the more at risk we are to becoming exposed to COVID-19 and thus bringing it back to Equinox Village.

As we see residents more active in the outside community, we are going to be more vigilant with temperature checks in common areas.  Temperature checks are not mandatory, but we feel are a safety measure for those that live and work here.  Masks are still required at all times when out of your apartment.  However, you should not wear one while walking by yourself outside and distanced from others.

If you travel out-of-state for more than a day, we ask that you self-quarantine for at least 7 days with a negative COVID test after the 7th day. If you prefer not to get tested, you should quarantine for 14 days.  This is the state’s guideline, which we are following.

We are not yet amending our no visitors (except those absolutely necessary) policy.  Before we lift restrictions, we want to see the results from Vermont opening.  We hope everyone in our state, and those here at Equinox Village, take the necessary precautions from preventing this disease from further spreading.


Kirt Sampson, CEO