COVID-19 Update: April 11, 2020

Dear Equinox Village Residents,

Health professionals and the government are advising face masks when in public. Equinox Village will be incorporating this into daily practices this week. Staff are being advised to wear a mask when in common areas and around residents. Residents are also advised to wear a mask when in common areas and if you must go out into the public. Masks are hard to come by. Scarves, neck gators, bandanas, masks and other such items can be used. It may take some time for staff to acquire such materials, so it will be phased in as items become available.

Masks do not prevent you from inhaling the virus. They are intended to help you not spread germs when talking (due to possibly having the virus, but having no symptoms). They are also meant to prevent you from touching your face and mouth. With that said, each time you touch your mask with your hands you could be contaminating your mask and taking in germs. Do not touch your mask or your face (except when putting on and taking off).

According to Governor Scott, we need to continue with the social distancing and isolation until at least May 15, 2020. At that time, the situation will, again, be reassessed and the date extended, if necessary. Thus, we will continue following the guidelines outlined previously and in this letter. Remember a minimum of 6 feet apart is advised to protect yourself. Everyone should feel that if someone is standing too close, they can take some steps away. It’s not rude, but for safety reasons.

We are all feeling the strain of this. Know that we are in this together! Do what you can to stay physically and mentally well; Get outside, open your blinds, open your windows when the temperature allows, talk to family and friends on the phone and by video chat, etc.

If you have any questions or concerns, please see Kirt or Kylee. Stay well!


Kirt Sampson