Meet Alex, our maintenance department!

Alex started as the maintenance assistant in 2014. Ever since he has dazzled residents with his friendly and always-willing-to-help personality.

No two days are ever the same in the maintenance world and Alex enjoys that. One day he may be driving a resident to a doctor’s appointment, changing filters in the building and assisting with landscape clean-up, and the next he may be preparing for someone to move in by repainting or hanging pictures on the wall.

Alex’s position allows him to interact with residents one-on-one, which Alex enjoys. Getting to know peoples’ stories, as well as their needs, is important to Alex and also fitting with his previous job and hobbies.

Prior to joining our team, Alex worked for an auction house, where was fascinated to learn about the unique pieces on auction, and the history behind them.

Outside of work, Alex is all about fitness and activity – rarely is he sitting still. Going to the gym, training others, playing basketball, hiking, kayaking or enjoying any other outside activity is where you’ll find Alex.