Q & A with our newest residents, Betty Hahn and Ken Ahlering

Equinox Village Residents for 2 Months

Ken Ahlering & Betty Hahn

  1. First Impression
    1. Meeters, greeters, tour guides and all staff were very helpful and friendly
    2. Location was convenient to town, but away from the hustle and bustle
    3. Apartments were bright, cheerful, nicely laid out and customizable
    4. Activities of interest were available to us
  2. Experience since we moved in
    1. Residents were curious about us and very friendly to interact and find out more
    2. Food in the Restaurant is outstanding
    3. Staff continues to be friendly and helpful
    4. We enjoy the “purpose” rooms (library, workshop, exercise, hobby/art room)
    5. There are lots of activities we can enjoy
  3. Things we like most about living at Equinox Village
    1. The overall quiet in the apartment, building and surrounding area
    2. The evening meal in the Restaurant, the quality of the food, the service and the ambiance (being relaxed and stress free, a little dressed up, and socializing with other residents)
    3. The hobby/art room
    4. The underground garage
    5. The continued friendliness of the staff and residents
  4. A funny story while being here

One evening, early on, I walked down the wrong corridor. When I opened the door to what I believed to be my apartment, I was shocked to see that the carpet had changed color. I pretty quickly realized my mistake, quietly backed out, returned to the central  area and tried again. (Betty’s story)

  1. Advice you would give someone who is considering a move
    1. “Do it!”
    2. Take your time and enjoy the transition
    3. Know that the residents are friendly and interested to meet you and hear new stories.
  2. A nice surprise you found while living at EV
    1. Breakfast treats in the Parlor on Friday
    2. Happy kid sounds from the playground outside the art room
    3. A well stocked and well organized library
    4. Learning mah jongg
    5. Puzzles in the closet to borrow